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Man tries to smoke cigarette and blow nose at same time, burns down house

An unnamed Davidson County North Carolina couple in their 60s is temporarily homeless after the man reportedly blew his nose while smoking a cigarette. It was around 3 a.m. on June 2, 2014, he told firefighters, when he blew his nose and the cigarette set the tissue on fire. He dropped the flaming tissue and tried to stomp it out.

Firefighters blame building fire on bird with cigarette

It’s bad enough when you have careless kids smoking on rooftops and tossing lit cigarette butts hither and yon, but firefighters now apparently have to worry about careless birds doing basically the same thing.

Police: Smoking Man Killed by Exploding Oxygen Tank

A man in Kentucky seems to have finally killed himself up by smoking on the front porch with his oxygen tank despite warnings from loved ones — this was the third time he blew himself up this way. Richard Jones 52, of Rowen County Kentucky is dead after a July 24, 2013, explosion on his [...]

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