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Decidedly scary-looking couple busted for drunken public sex act on church lawn

A wedding guest at Salt Lake City’s Sacred Heart Catholic Church litterally “ran out into the road to stop” a passing police cruiser around 6 p.m. Saturday to report a couple having sex on the lawn of the church. It was neither the newlyweds, nor any of the guests; just a strange couple — and yes, kids saw it too.

All of these crimes were committed in church

Brawling, stabbing and of course robbing — all at church. Apparently nothing is sacred anymore.

The Schaibles: Religious Freedom vs. A Child’s Health

Freedom of religion is one of the basic rights of every American. And for many believers, faith means trusting in God above all elseā€”even to the extent of rejecting human intervention in health matters. But does religious freedom give parents the right to endanger a small sick child by refusing medical care and relying only on prayer?

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