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Mistakes Made in the Manhunt for Christopher Dorner

When ex-LAPD cop Chris Dorner declared the reasons for his crime spree in an 11,000 word manifesto, it was clear this story would shine a light on the entire law enforcement community – particularly the LAPD. What ensued over the next 10 days raised questions about the tactics of police forces across Southern California as various missteps were made during the investigation of an admittedly unprecedented and terrifying situation.

Twitter Defies Sheriff’s Plea for Silence During Dorner Manhunt

From our friends at the Daily Dot: The hunt for suspected cop killer Christopher Dorner appears to have come to a brutal end, but if law officials had their way, we wouldn’t have known about Tuesday’s saga.

WATCH LIVE: Police Exchange Gunfire With Chris Dorner

The manhunt for ex-LAPD officer Chris Dorner may be coming to an end. Dorner is suspected of killing at least three people, including a police officer. Dorner, who was fired from the police force, posted a manifesto on Facebook vowing to kill those who have wronged him. Today, officers caught up with Dorner in Big Bear mountain, where two officers were reportedly injured in the gunfight that ensued.

Fired Cop Goes on Revenge Killing Spree, Manhunt in Progress

Former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner has killed three near Los Angeles after vowing in an online manifesto to take revenge against those responsible for his 2008 termination. A large-scale manhunt for Dorner is underway in Southern California and Nevada where he is believed to be at large. He is well armed and extremely dangerous.

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