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Woman belted man with Bible over Ten Commandments argument

Is bashing someone in the face with your Bible a violation of the Ten Commandments? Perhaps not, but it is a violation of Georgia battery laws, and will get you arrested.

Responding firefighter found own daughter’s body in car wreck

It was the morning of December 24, 2013, when New Hampshire volunteer firefighter Steve Whitcomb, 58, responded to a call about a car accident not far from his home. To his horror and pain, the dying woman he pulled from the wreckage was his own daughter, Katie Hamilton, 30, married mother of three.

70 people became feast for hungry piranha on Christmas Day

Piranha in Argentina wound up having their own surprise Christmas treat, when they encounters scores of river bathers seeking relief from the heat wave.

Jersey strip bar Xmas shooting leaves three dead

A popular strip club in New Jersey was the scene of a Christmas morning horror when a gunman started firing into the crowd killing three people

Slideshow: Bad Santas

People dressed up as Father Christmas can get themselves into all kinds of trouble.

Slideshow: A Controversial Christmas

‘Tis the season of celebration, gift giving — and public relations mayhem.

Christmas card from the Zodiac Killer

On December 27, 1969, personal injury lawyer Melvin Belli got a Christmas card from the Zodiac Killer. It contained a bloody piece of the shirt of murdered cab driver Paul Stine, and was deemed by authorities to be authentic. Read the letter in its entirety. The puzzling case of the Zodiac remains unsolved.

Slideshow: Christmas Crime

A collection of grinchy crimes of the holidays, from the Crime Library to you.

Mugshot of the Day: Elf parties too hardy, arrested for OWI

A decidedly un-merry-looking Brandon Touchet, 34, of Lafayette, Louisiana, was arrested when cops caught him allegedly driving 60 mph in a 40 mph zone, reeking of booze and dressed like an elf.

Watch: Drunken Santa street brawl

It was a predictable end to a drunken pup crawl for charity in New York City when a group of drunk Santas were caught on video brawling in the street after SantaCon, a Santa-themed charitable event which describes itself as “non-commercial, non-political” and “nonsensical.” Perhaps it would be safer if next year they added “non-violent” to the description, just so all the participants are on the same page.

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