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Alleged molester caught in the act by child’s dad

Meet Raymond Frolander, caught in the act of allegedly molesting his neighbor’s 11-year-old son. Frolander had the bad luck of getting caught by none-other-than the child’s father, who called 911 saying, “Send an ambulance. He is going to need one.” The dispatcher then asked if any weapons were used, to which the father replied, “my foot and my fist.”

Jerry Sandusky’s adoptive son to break his silence

As Sandusky’s adoptive son Matthew prepares to break his silence in a TV interview with Oprah Winfrey this Thursday, Sandusky himself fights to have his conviction overturned and his $5,000-per-month pension reinstated. A look back in pictures at the case of the assistant football coach and the child sex abuse scandal that brought him to ruin.

Slideshow: Teachers’ pets

A look at some educators who got too involved with their students.

Watch: Woman confronts her rapist 16 years later

Jamie Carillo, now 28, has been working up the strength to confront the teacher she claims sexually abused for years, starting at age 12. When she found her courage, however, the statute of limitations for the crime had run out. Undaunted, she called the woman, confronted her, recorded the interaction and posted it online.

Inside the Elm Guest House: How the British elite’s pedophilia sex abuse den operated for years

The Elm Guest House pedophilia scandal may have taken place 30 years ago. But much to the surprise of the perpetrators, the case is being prosecuted fully. Britain’s pedophiles who abused children in a house in West London, ranging from prominent members of society to member of parliament, are being routed out from their hiding places and prosecuted.

French girl saves herself, films father’s sex abuse

A girl, 14, in Florensac, France, was reportedly being sexually abused by her father over the course of many months, with no help from the system in sight. But not unlike film heroine The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the smart kid eventually put a stop to the abuse by filming it with her web cam.

Man on Trial for Sexually Abusing Girl, 8, Impregnating her at 11

The trial of Mariano Antonio Castro, 58, of Santa Anna, Calif., began on February 6, 2013, for allegations that he sexually assaulted a female relative regularly over the course of nine years, from age 8-17, impregnating her at the age of 11. The unnamed girl had the child at age 12, and kept it, but the abuse continued.

Saudi Cleric Fights Child Rape: Babies Should Wear Burqas

Saudi Cleric Sheikh Abdullah Daoud has wowed children’s rights activists all over with his August 2012 pronouncement on al-Majd TV that females of all ages, even infants, should wear burqas, the head-to-toe, opaque traditional Muslim veil, as protection from child molestation.

Mugshot of the Day

This young spring chicken is Pasco County Florida man Philip Tracy, 72. He was arrested on January 30, 2013, after a girl, 17, in his care reported that he had been forcing her to have sex with him for the last three years. She alleged that she had complied only after he threatened her, the nature of the alleged threats, however, has not been disclosed by police.

Two Men Accused of Sex with Boy Were HIV Positive — and Lied About It

Broward County men Darrell Aaron Evans, 40, and Huy Kien Trin, 32, met an underage boy, 16, on the all-male Grindr, a social network geared towards gay, bisexual, and bi-curious men and, after a few explicit texts, arranged to meet on December 12, 2012. When it came up all three said they were HIV negative; the teen was, Evans and Trin were not.

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