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Carl Panzram, Too Evil to Live, Part II

On June 20, 1929, Panzram, incarcerated at Leavenworth Prison, was working a detail in the laundry when, without warning, he picked up an iron bar and used it to beat a fellow inmate’s brains out in front of the other working inmates. Then, covered in blood and brains, he turned his rage on them, hitting as many as he could with the bar in an attempt to kill everyone in the sealed laundry room.

Wanted: Tobias Dustin Summers for 36 Counts of Sexual Assault on a Child

Police in Los Angeles are still searching for transient Tobias Dustin Summers, who is charged with entering a home on March 27, 2013, and abducting a girl, 10, at knifepoint from her bed. Police believe the girl was taken to an abandoned house and sexually assaulted for 12 hours.

Texas Couple Goes Down for Three-Way Sex with Boy, 8

Groveton, Texas man Jeffie Melder has been convicted of having sex with a boy, 8, and his wife, whom he apparently coerced. He was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences, and will not be eligible for parole until 2077.

Dying Man Names Rapist Who Burned Him Alive

Robbie Middleton was eight when he was raped and a couple of weeks later, the same attacker poured gasoline over his face and set him on fire to silence him. He was barely kept alive with skin grafts and several hundred operations during what remained of his short, painful life. He died at 21 of skin cancer brought on by his injuries. Before he died, however, Robbie decided that he was going to protect other innocent victims from the depraved monster responsible for his then-imminent death.

Jerry Sandusky Sentenced

Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky arrived in court today wearing a bright red jumpsuit. That prison uniform will likely be his for the rest of his life as the 68-year-old was sentenced to a minimum of 30, but not more that 60, years in prison for molesting young boys.

Jury Convicts Man for Orally Raping Baby to Death

A Michigan jury took less than 30 minutes to convict Steven Deuman of first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault for the August 2011 suffocation death his 15 week old.

Man Charged With Raping Baby

An Ohio man is behind bars, charged with rape of a child under 10. On Saturday, police and EMS arrived at a Ravenna Township home, responding to a report of an injured 15-month-old girl. When the baby was brought to Akron Children’s Hospital, medical staff determined that her injuries were the result of a sexual assault.

Adopted Son Matt Alleges Sexual Abuse by Jerry Sandusky

In a Friday afternoon jaw-dropping cliffhanger, Matt Sandusky, 33, the adopted son of Jerry Sandusky, alleged that he was molested by the former Penn State assistant football coach — and the sequestered jury is unaware of this new development in the case.

Location-Based Flirting App Bans Teens Following Child Rape Allegations

The free iPhone and Android app Skout, which bills itself as “the global network for meeting new people” has shut down its teen community after three men have been accused of raping minors they met using the app.

Babysitters Charged With Raping Three in Their Care

Missouri couple John Thomas III, 27, and Rebecca Russell, 30, would often babysit for their neighbor’s kids, sometimes having friend Billy Joe Bunch Jr., 25, visit them while babysitting. The Riverfront Times reports that all three are accused of taking turns sexually assaulting one family’s children, girls, ages 5, 3, and seven months.

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