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Moms too busy snapping cell phone pics of themselves to take care of their kids.

Police: Mom huffing ‘whippets’ passed out with baby in car

Sarasota, Florida, mom Jennifer Ann Lee, 29, is facing charges of child neglect after police reportedly found her with several spent nitrous oxide cartridges in, around and under her in the car, and her son, 1, asleep in the back seat.

Heather Jensen Arrested in 2012 Overheating Death of Sons in SUV

The recently widowed, former mother-of-two boys, who left them to stifle to death in a hot SUV in November 2012, has been arrested on charges of negligent homicide. Depending on what information detectives uncover, it is possible that the children’s deaths could be reclassified as homicides at a later time.

Missing Infant Never Reported by Parents is Dead

In a case all too reminiscent of that of missing Florida toddler Caylee Anthony, police in Florida have been searching for a child last seen at age 5 months in July 2011, who was never reported missing by his family.

Father Leaves Baby at Liquor Store, Returns Drunk, It Only Gets Worse From There

…and the award for best father of 2012 will not be going to Kenneth Rowe of Daytona Beach, Fla., who forgot his infant at a liquor store, and returned too drunk to walk home.

Boy, 5, Asked Deputies to Watch Him and His Little Sisters

When deputies knocked on a Florida door, a boy, 5, answered saying, "Policemen mommy is not here, I watching my sisters. Can you watch us now?" There were two other children in the apartment, ages 3 and 2, but no adult.

Naked Child Found at WaWa; Two Moms Arrested

Two Virginia mothers are jailed after a naked child was seen wandering around outside a WaWa convenience store in Spotsylvania County on Sunday. A WaWa employee gave the child some clothes and called police, who went to the home of Crystal Dawn Craig, 29, and Amy Elizabeth Lam, 38.

Emaciated Boy Found in Trailer Fire, Father Arrested for Neglect

Emergency personnel were called to the scene of a fire on July 3, 2012, in Deerfield Beach, Fla., when Darin MacDannald’s trailer caught fire. On entering the structure they found his son, who weighed only 85 pounds, and transported him to the Coral Springs Medical Center, where they found much more.

Today in Crime History: Baby Woyah Andressohn dies

On May 15, 2003, 6-month-old Woyah Andressohn died, weighing only 7 pounds. Her parents, strict vegans Joseph and Lamoy Andressohn, were accused of starving Woyah and her siblings. See the case in photos.

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