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The Torment and Tragedy of 10-Year-Old Jonathan James

Jonathan James died in July 2011 after he was deprived of water by his father and step mother for five days. Both have been charged with first-degree felony injury to a child. Jonathan’s step mother, Tina Alberson, was tried this January. His blind father, Michael James, who blames his wife for Jonathan’s death, awaits trial.

The Crimes of Arthur Gary Bishop

Executed on June 10, 1988, for the murders of five children, this Utah Bookkeeper’s compulsion for child pornography escalated horrifyingly to abduction, torture and murder.

Jessica Lunsford: Death of a 9-Year-Old

Jessica Lunsford was abducted from her home by repeat sex offender John Couey when she was nine. After her notably horrific murder, her father pursued legislation for stricter sex offender monitoring, resulting in the Jessica Lunsford Act. Jessica would be 17 today.

The Killing of Lisa Steinberg

Illegally adopted by criminal defense lawyer Joel Steinberg, Lisa Steinberg died after a torturous existence in the Steinberg household, where Steinberg’s girlfriend Hedda Nussbaum and adopted infant Mitchell were also believed to have endured abuse.

Marybeth Tinning: Baby Killer

Tinning would come running into one of Schenectady’s trauma centers confused and hysterical, with a child cradled in her arms. Ultimately, all eight of Marybeth Tinning’s children died suddenly and without medical explanation. Some thought the problem was genetic, until her adopted child died, and the horrible truth about Tinning became clear.

Andrea Yates: The Texas Mom who Drowned her Kids

In 2001, Andrea Yates, suffering from severe depression and psychotic episodes, waited until her husband went to work and methodically drowned her five young children one at a time in the bathtub.

Baby Crystal’s Mother Sentenced for her Murder

Katie Stockton, 32, was sentenced in a Winnebago County courtroom on April 5, 2013, for the murder of Baby Crystal. The newborn remained unidentified for years after her mother left her on December 17, 2004, to suffocate and freeze to death in a wooded area along a road just 90 yards from the family home.

Unsolved Child Murder: Erica Heather Smith

Ashburn, Virginia, teen Erica Smith was only 14 on July 29, 2002, when she told her younger brother Billie, 10, that she was going out to meet a friend. That was around lunch time. Erica never got to the friend’s house and she never came home.

Mother and Aunt of De’Marquise Elkins Arrested for Lying to Police in Baby Slaying Case

Police arrested the mother and aunt of youth De’Marquise Elkins in connection with the shooting murder of infant Antonio Santiago. Antonio was in a stroller on a walk with his mother Sherry West when they were mugged and shot.

Police Arrest Teens Suspected of Shooting Baby in the Face

Police in Brunswick, Georgia, have arrested De’Marquis Elkins, 17, and another youth, 14, whose name is being withheld, for the cold-blooded murder of a 13-month-old baby boy.