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Convicted Murderer Jon Venables Released From Prison, Again

Jon Venables convicted at age 10, of the 1993 murder of James Bulger, 2, in near Liverpool, England, has been released from prison yet again. Though he has received counseling over the years, many, including the victim’s parents, do not agree with the parole board’s controversial insistence on keeping Venables at large in the general population.

Guess Who’s Working at Walmart?

In 2004, Texas mom Dena Schlosser called 911 and said, “I cut her arms off.” She was talking about her 10-month-old daughter Margaret, whose arms she amputated with knife during a religious frenzy. When police got to Schlosser’s Plano home, the woman was covered in blood and singing Christian hymns. Baby Margaret died the next [...]

Teen Boy Killed Little Sister by Practicing Wrestling Moves, Say Police

A 13-year-old New Orleans area boy is accused of killing his 5-year-old sister by practicing WWE-style wrestling moves on her. According to a press release issued by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, the girl suffered blunt force trauma, broken ribs and internal bleeding. Her death was ruled a homicide.

Carl Panzram, Too Evil to Live, Part II

On June 20, 1929, Panzram, incarcerated at Leavenworth Prison, was working a detail in the laundry when, without warning, he picked up an iron bar and used it to beat a fellow inmate’s brains out in front of the other working inmates. Then, covered in blood and brains, he turned his rage on them, hitting as many as he could with the bar in an attempt to kill everyone in the sealed laundry room.

Today in Crime History: Child Killer Marc Dutroux Found Guilty

On June 17, 2004, a panel of jurors in Belgium returned a verdict in the trial of child killer Marc Dutroux, convicting him of six rapes and three murders.

The Crimes of Arthur Gary Bishop

Executed on June 10, 1988, for the murders of five children, this Utah Bookkeeper’s compulsion for child pornography escalated horrifyingly to abduction, torture and murder.

The Killing of Lisa Steinberg

Illegally adopted by criminal defense lawyer Joel Steinberg, Lisa Steinberg died after a torturous existence in the Steinberg household, where Steinberg’s girlfriend Hedda Nussbaum and adopted infant Mitchell were also believed to have endured abuse.

Baby Crystal’s Mother Sentenced for her Murder

Katie Stockton, 32, was sentenced in a Winnebago County courtroom on April 5, 2013, for the murder of Baby Crystal. The newborn remained unidentified for years after her mother left her on December 17, 2004, to suffocate and freeze to death in a wooded area along a road just 90 yards from the family home.

Unsolved Child Murder: Erica Heather Smith

Ashburn, Virginia, teen Erica Smith was only 14 on July 29, 2002, when she told her younger brother Billie, 10, that she was going out to meet a friend. That was around lunch time. Erica never got to the friend’s house and she never came home.

Mother and Aunt of De’Marquise Elkins Arrested for Lying to Police in Baby Slaying Case

Police arrested the mother and aunt of youth De’Marquise Elkins in connection with the shooting murder of infant Antonio Santiago. Antonio was in a stroller on a walk with his mother Sherry West when they were mugged and shot.

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