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Heartbreaking video shows the effects of leaving a child in a hot car

Every summer, one particularly tragic type of story makes its way into headlines across the country: children left in hot cars. Some are rescued in time, while others unfortunately don’t make it.

Casey Anthony: After the acquittal

July 2, 2012, Casey Anthony made her first public appearance since her 2011 acquittal of her daughter Caylee’s murder. A look in photos at her activities following the trial.

Criminal Investigation Launched in Nightmare Snake Attack that Killed Two Boys

Canadian authorities are investigating a chilling and deadly snake attack in New Brunswick this week. A 14 -foot-long, 100-pound African Rock Python escaped his cage to crawl up into a ceiling and then into the ducts of a New Brunswick pet shop and apartment building. Like a horror scene, it crawled through the building’s ducts [...]

Free School Lunch in India Kills 25 so Far

Gross school lunches are responsible for snarky terms like "mystery meat" and "murder burgers" finding their way in the English language, but all jokes aside, a recent free school lunch served in India was so bad that 25 so far have died from eating it — including the cook.

911 Call Released in the Controversial Death of Maxim Kuzmin, 3

The 911 call related to the death of adopted Russian-born boy Maxim Kuzmin was released by police after a grand jury determined on March 18 that there was insufficient evidence to charge his his parents. Russian authorities are skeptical of the decision and are currently reviewing the autopsy reports.

Heather Jensen Arrested in 2012 Overheating Death of Sons in SUV

The recently widowed, former mother-of-two boys, who left them to stifle to death in a hot SUV in November 2012, has been arrested on charges of negligent homicide. Depending on what information detectives uncover, it is possible that the children’s deaths could be reclassified as homicides at a later time.

Colorado Toddlers Left in SUV Die — of Heat Exposure in January

Police in Mesa County Colorado are investigating the strange case of two toddlers who died of hyperthermia when they were left in their mother’s SUV for 90 minutes with the heat on.

Grandmother Accused of Running Toddler Over With SUV

A 52-year-old grandmother was allegedly under the influence of prescription pills when police say she fatally ran over her 2-year-old grandson Brayden Lucas Daniel with a Ford Explorer. Rebecca Jane Elrod of Albertville, Ala., was charged with charged with criminally negligent homicide Friday.

Toddlers Left in Car Die of Heat Exposure

A mother is under arrest after police found her two young children dead of apparent heat exposure. Samantha Harper said she put her kids, Daniel Marise, 3, and Savannah Marise, 2, in the car, went back into her home, and fell asleep.

Boy, 12, Charged With Killing Toddler

A 12-year-old Maryland boy is charged with 2nd-degree murder for the death of his two-year-old foster sister Aniyah Batchelor. Police say the 12-year-old beat Aniyah to death with his hands.

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