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Three Arrested for Allegedly Zip-Tying Children to Bed Overnight

Grandmother Marinece Craft, 51, was arrested first, on February 26 after school officials noticed cuts and scabs on the wrists of the two unnamed kids, ages 9 and 11. She was joined by her husband, Alvin Skinner, 74, and daughter, Rosalind Craft, 35, earlier this week.

VIDEO: Mom Caught on Tape Beating Daughter Wants Kids Back

In a horrifying video that’s sparked outrage in Oklahoma, Arkansas and beyond, 26-year-old mom Christina Marie Hawkins of Arkoma is seen repeatedly hitting her small daughter in the stomach, then hurling the screaming girl across the room. Now, Hawkins, who is free on $20,000 bond is claiming that she was in the middle of a mental breakdown when that video was shot.

Man ‘Hog Tied’ Stepchild, 4, Shot at her With Pellet Gun

A Linwood, Washington, grandmother took her granddaughter, 4, to the hospital on January 13, 2013, after she noticed that the girl’s body was covered with red marks. Hospital workers quickly determined that the girl was not suffering from chicken pocks, as the grandmother had thought, but was the victim of child abuse, allegedly at the hands of her stepfather, Stetson Tedder.

Florida v. Geralyn Graham: Did She Kill 4-Year-Old Foster Child Rilya Wilson?

Geralyn Graham, 66, was accused of killing foster child Rilya Wilson, who disappeared a decade ago and whose body has never been found. During her trial, Geralyn’s ex-lover testified to witnessing the woman abuse the 4-year-old in increasingly brutal and contrived ways. Rilya’s name is an acronym for “Remember, I Love You Always.”

Crime Library’s Top Five Blog Entries of 2012

A review of our most read, most shared, and most popular blog entries of 2012, which also happen to be a few of the year’s most heinous crimes.

Teen Boy Pleads Guilty to Killing Parents

A 16-year-old North Carolina boy will spend 25 to 32 years in prison for killing his father and his father’s young wife. Matthew Liewald was 15 years old when he shot Christian Liewald, 43 and Cassie Buckaloo, 24, in their Pineville home.

Police: Man Carved Pentagram in Boy’s Back

Authorities in Richland Hills, Tex., say they received a disturbing 911 call just after midnight this morning. “I shed some innocent blood,” said the male caller, explaining, “I inscribed a pentagram on my son.”

Prosecutor: Infant Died From Punch to the Face

A young High Point, N.C., couple is behind bars after their 2-week-old infant was found unresponsive at their home Tuesday. Police determined that the child, who was pronounced dead at a local hospital, “died as a result of a criminal homicide.”

Near Death Expert Dad Pleads Not Guilty to ‘Waterboarding’ Stepdaughter

A former Georgetown, Del., pediatrician has pleaded not guilty to charges of assault and endangerment for allegedly ‘waterboarding’ his stepdaughter. Dr. Melvin Morse is represented by Delaware criminal defense attorney Joseph Hurley; his wife, who pleaded not guilty in October, is represented by public defender Dean Johnson. Both have been out on bail since their arrest.

Man Arrested After Toddler Found in Dog Cage

A Tulsa man is in custody after police say they found a naked 18-month-old girl locked in a feces-covered dog cage in his home. William Todd Lewallen, 47, is charged with felony child neglect. A neighbor called police after allegedly finding a naked 4-year-old locked out of the house in 40-degree weather.

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