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Man Charged With Setting Child on Fire, Filming it

A Saxonburg, Pa., man was arrested after an alleged sadistic attack on a child, 7, in which the boy was doused with an accelerant and filmed after the man’s son allegedly to set the victim’s shirt on fire.

Baby Hospitalized After Spending Hour in Freezer; Father Charged

A Washington State dad couldn’t handle his baby girl’s crying, so he allegedly put the infant in the freezer and took a nap.

The Killing of Lisa Steinberg

Illegally adopted by criminal defense lawyer Joel Steinberg, Lisa Steinberg died after a torturous existence in the Steinberg household, where Steinberg’s girlfriend Hedda Nussbaum and adopted infant Mitchell were also believed to have endured abuse.

Can This Ad Help Abused Kids Find Relief?

It’s a pretty brilliant idea: an ad that from an adult’s perspective shows the face of a normal looking boy, but when seen from the point of view of a child, it hides a secret message.

North Carolina Senate Passes Bill Requiring Harsher Penalties for Child Abusers

Last spring, 3-year-old Kilah Davenport was hospitalized with severe head injuries that nearly killed her. According to authorities, the damage that cost Kilah a normal life was caused by her stepfather, Joshua Hauser. Now, a new measure in Kilah’s name that requires longer prison terms for child abusers, may soon be signed into law.

Prosecutors Say Child Abuse Suspect is Not Man Seen Whipping Daughters in Viral Video

Prosecutors in Ohio say the man seen in a video whipping his daughters with an electrical cord is not the same man they’ve arrested for whipping his daughters with an electrical cord. This highlights the disturbing prevalence of the use of wires and cables as child abuse tools.

Woman Gets 20 Years in Severe Child Abuse Case

A Colorado woman has pleaded guilty in what a Mesa County Sheriff’s Office investigator said is the most severe case of child abuse he’d seen in his 24 years in law enforcement.

Arrest of Dad Who Beat Daughters for ‘Twerking’ Video Sparks Abuse vs. Discipline Debate

A viral video that shows a father beating his two daughters with an electric cord has led to the man’s arrest. The footage is shocking and hard to watch, but there are some who say the father’s actions were an example of good parenting.

Mother Tries to Kill Son Because ‘Jesus’ Said To

Maricopa County Arizona woman Victoria Soliz, 30, has been arrested after a neighbor reported seeing her in his front yard holding her son’s face down in a puddle.

Woman Sent to Prison for Raping Own Son

In a Luzerne County, Pa., courtroom, a 14-year-old boy described how the first time he was forced to have sex with his mother, it was on his eighth birthday. His father, Robert Caravella, who had been showing him porn for a while, brought him upstairs and made him perform intercourse on his mother, Carol Hann.

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