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Richard Speck, born to raise hell

On July 13, 1966, Richard Speck raped, stabbed and all but one student nurse in a Chicago group house. The next day, reporter Joe Cummings walked down the second-floor hallway, his stomach churning, counting bodies. He saw four in the first bedroom, three more in another bedroom, and realized, “Oh my God.” Seven upstairs and one downstairs. Eight total.

Driver crashes SUV, abandons it and injured boy, 3, inside

In fact, the crash was so bad that the SUV was totaled and errupted into flame. Thankfully, the boy was pulled to safety before the fire broke out. The driver has not yet been found.

Chicagoan armed with submachine gun claims tax-exemption at deli

All kinds of people get all kinds of crazy at tax time, and Chicago man Nahshon Shelton is no exception. Shelton was happily paying for his $1.79 two-liter bottle of Pepsi Saturday, when the pesky issue of .22 cents in sales tax came up. Shelton did not have the .22 cents, but he did have a big scary gun.

‘Heat list’ brings Minority Report-style police attention for likely offenders in Chicago

The Chicago Police Department has drawn on some statistical sorcery to generate a “heat list” of 400-plus people who the numbers say are exceptionally likely to commit a violent crime. Critics say that the list is a discriminatory tool that’s making “pre-crime” law enforcement a scary reality, rather than just a figment of Philip K. [...]

H. H. Holmes: One of America’s Worst Serial Killers

Homes is known for his infamous “Murder Castle” in which he gassed and dismembered his victims and stripped their remains in acid baths. He sold off the internal organs and skeletal reconstructions to medical schools around the country. Holmes was ultimately convicted of four murders, but is believed to have committed over 100.

Today in Crime History: The Tylenol Murders Begin

September 29, 1982, marked the beginning of the mysterious Tylenol Murders that claimed the life of Mary Kellerman, 12, and six others. Tylenol in the Chicago area was laced with lethal amounts of cyanide. The case was never solved.

Mob Epic: Al Capone

The full, unvarnished story of the brilliant and brutal Chicago crime czar.

How Catherine Cassler Escaped the Executioner — Twice

People who knew the portly and bespectacled Catherine Cassler were unlikely to guess that this woman, who seemed so ordinary, would twice live in the shadow of execution – and twice escape with her life.

Identifying Chicago’s Unclaimed Dead

The Office of the Medical Examiner maintains a list of all unidentified remains found in Chicago. Each entry for a John or Jane Doe lists a description of the person and their belongings and the location and date they were found. A few have pictures.

Today in Crime History: The Shotgun Slaying of Bruce and Darlene Rouse

On June 6, 1980, Bruce and Darlene Rouse were killed in their 13-room mansion in the upper class Chicago suburb of Libertyville. It would take 15 years for the killer–one of the couple’s three children–to be brought to justice.

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