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Charles Manson granted parole — not

It was a psych, and a good one, that went viral after it was posted on the satire website Empire News on Wednesday. Kudos to writer Aaron Smith for fooling so many with the well-written piece. The truth is that Manson follower Bruce Davis, now 71, serving life for murder, was granted parole at his 28th [...]

Charles Manson and the Manson Family

On January 25, 1971, Charles Manson was convicted on seven counts of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder, for his role in trying to start a race war with the bloody Tate and LaBianca murders.

Charles Manson: Speaking from inside

Despite being locked up for life, Charles Manson continues to seek — and get — the attention of the public.

Wedding bells for Charles Manson?

Even behind bars Charles Manson continues to attract followers. One 25-year-old doesn’t just believe in Manson’s innocence — she believes he’s husband material.

VIDEO: Charles Manson answers question about himself

In this short clip from an interview, Charles Manson is asked to explain in one sentence who he is. What follows is a display that, depending on who you ask, can either be interpreted, as madness, gimmickry or true showmanship.

Charlie Manson sent us these Xmas cards writer Denise Noe has been getting holiday greetings from Charlie Manson for the last couple years. Would you like to see what a Charlie Manson Christmas card looks like? We thought so.

Happy belated birthday, Charlie Manson

Blame it on an iPhone lost in an airplane toilet (true story), but we at Crime Library are sorry to report we missed the November 12 birthday of one of our most infamous subjects. Charles Manson celebrated his 79th birthday behind bars in the protective housing unit of the Corcoran State Prison. Hopefully, he’s not mad at us.

Charles Manson Writes’s Denise Noe writes prisoners and they write her back. For the latest in our series, Denise wrote a poem and sent it to Charlie Manson. Well, he had all kinds of things to say about it and more, including this gem: “I broke no laws. I make the laws.”

VIDEO: A Charles Manson Parole Hearing

Since his 1971 conviction for conspiracy and murder in connection with the Tate-LaBianca murders, Charles Manson has had 12 parole hearings. If they all went like this one, it’s not a wonder he stopped even bothering to show up. The last one was in April 2012; he will not be up again for parole until 2025.

VIDEO: Manson Interviewed, ‘Remorse for What?!’

In this prison interview Charles Manson is asked why, despite the fact that he is obviously guilty, he never expressed remorse. His stunning answer: "Remorse for what?!" What follows is a classic Mansonesque rant.

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