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Arrest-aurant! Chefs Face Heat Outside the Kitchen

A look at the real-life legal problems of TV’s celebrity chefs.

The kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jr.

The kidnappers struck on December 8, 1963, just five days after the Kennedy assassination. Though the plot was a half-baked and masterminded by an amateur, Barry Keenan, it nevertheless succeeded. Bragging finally got Keenan and his two accomplices, Joe Amsler and John Irwin, caught.

Slideshow: Lamest celebrity excuses

Celebs say the darndest things!

Slideshow: Most famous Hollywood murders

Unearth the deadly secrets hiding beneath the glitz and glam of Tinsel Town.

Slideshow: Jail house rock

Before it became hip for rock musicians to get arrested, these first bad boys — and girl — set the tone for a generation.

Today in Crime History: A Crucial Break in the Case of Missing Atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair

On October 2, 1995, the nude body of an unidentified white male was found in some woods near the East Fork Trinity River. That John Doe later turned out to be Danny Fry, an ex-con who had gone missing shortly after the O’Hairs, and the first solid link between the killer and the missing atheists.

Slideshow: Child Stars Behind Bars

Growing up on screen may seem like the good life, but fame and money are no guarantee child stars won’t become troubled adults.

Actor Steven Seagal and the Mob

At one time actor Steven Seagal had some difficulties with the Gambino family. Here’s the whole story.

Today in Crime History: Barry George Convicted in Murder of Jill Dando

On July 2, 2001, the jury returned after five days of deliberation, and convicted Barry Michael George for the murder of the BBC’s Sunshine Girl, Jill Dando. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Today in Crime History: Fugitive Andrew Luster Captured by Dog the Bounty Hunter

Max Factor heir Luster fled to Mexico when conviction for drugging, raping and videotaping young women seemed imminent. He was tried and convicted in absentia. Ultimately he was tracked down and collared on June 18, 2003, by famous bounty hunter Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman.

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