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Slideshow: Jail house rock

Before it became hip for rock musicians to get arrested, these first bad boys — and girl — set the tone for a generation.

Slideshow: The Weirdest Wills Ever

A collection of some of the strangest last wishes on record.

Today in Crime History: A Crucial Break in the Case of Missing Atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair

On October 2, 1995, the nude body of an unidentified white male was found in some woods near the East Fork Trinity River. That John Doe later turned out to be Danny Fry, an ex-con who had gone missing shortly after the O’Hairs, and the first solid link between the killer and the missing atheists.

Slideshow: Child Stars Behind Bars

Growing up on screen may seem like the good life, but fame and money are no guarantee child stars won’t become troubled adults.

Slideshow: Celebrities’ Kids Arrested

Being the child of a famous person doesn’t put you above the law, much to the chagrin of these celebrity offspring.

Slideshow: Sentenced to Rehab

Celebs can often get alcohol and drug charges reduced to court-ordered rehab, but does it get them clean and sober?

Slideshow: Shortest Celebrity Marriages

Some of the most short-lived celebrity marriages on record.

Slideshow: Courtney Love’s Legal Troubles

Singer, actress and plastic-surgery success story, Love, has had her share of legal troubles too, and has responded to them with more than her share of bizarre courtroom antics.

Slideshow: Anger Management

A review of Hollywood’s most irate.

Celebrity Chefs in Hot Water

In our time chefs have gone from living in relative obscurity to living in the limelight. With fame comes fortune and mugshots, and we’re here to keep tabs on who’s getting in the soup.