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The CeCe McDonald story: was she fighting back or committing murder?

In June, 2011, transgender woman CeCe McDonald and her friends were walking past a bar, when a group of patrons smoking outside shouted anti-gay slurs at them. A fight ensued, which left a man dead and CeCe with a deep gash on her cheek. CeCe was charged with his murder and, if found guilty at trial, faced 40 years in men’s prison. She took plea deal and continues to receive outpourings of support from the LGBT community.

Transsexual who killed attacker to be released from prison; will be subject of documentary

CeCe McDonald—the young, black transwoman convicted of killing attacker Dean Schmitz in Minneapolis in 2011—will get out of prison January 13. But her story isn’t going silent: Laverne Cox, the transsexual star of  Netflix women’s prison drama Orange is the New Black, and Jac Gares are working on a documentary about her. Gares had originally envisioned [...]

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