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Emerging trend: police surveillance tampering

Many who are concerned with the possibility of police abuse of power, are comforted by the continuous presence of surveillance camera footage, capturing everything. Recent evidence of LAPD officers and others tampering with video and surveillance equipment, however, would seem to indicate that for some, the omnipresence of the camera is a problem.

French girl saves herself, films father’s sex abuse

A girl, 14, in Florensac, France, was reportedly being sexually abused by her father over the course of many months, with no help from the system in sight. But not unlike film heroine The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the smart kid eventually put a stop to the abuse by filming it with her web cam.

Romanian Teen’s Necrophile Killer May be Serial Killer

Newly discovered videos lead investigators to believe that what they thought was probably a sex romp gone horribly wrong, may have actually been premeditated murder by an opportunistic necrophile, a that they now suspect may be a serial killer.

Watch: Wife Hires ‘Hitman’ to Kill Husband

Julia Charlene Merfeld, 20, of Muskegon, Michigan, thought she was talking to a hitman about killing her husband, Jake, 27, but was really talking to an undercover cop, who was recording the whole conversation, including her motive: Murder is easier than divorce.

Watch: Jealous Wife Throws Husband’s Lover off Cliff

Renzo Zanabria Huanca was allegedly having an affair with Sandra Bruna Morales behind his wife’s back. In January 2013 his wife, Lisset Lupo Mamani, had had enough and decided to act. She surprised the couple in Arequipa, Peru, grabbed her rival by the hair, dragged her to the edge of a cliff and threw her off.

Perjury Trial of Officer in Taser-Related Robert Dziekanski Death Begins

The first of four trials to be held in connection with the taser-related death of would-be immigrant Robert Dziekanski began in Vancouver, Canada, on June 10, 2013. Constable Bill Bentley is one of four officers charged with perjuring themselves during an inquiry into the October 2007 death.

Man’s ‘Ghost Cam’ Revealed Girlfriend was Sexing up his Son, 16

An amateur ghost chaser in Tasmania, Australia, decided to set up a video camera in his kitchen to catch evidence of ghosts on film. Thanks to his live-in girlfriend and baby momma, 28, whose name is being withheld, he will never know if his house is haunted.

Assault Charge for Teen Allegedly Caught on Tape Punching Bus Driver

Last week, police in Kansas City, Mo., released a videoshowing a male teenager sucker punching a bus driver, knocking him unconscious. Police have arrested a suspect in the case — Michael Cubie Jr., 18, has been charged with assault with intent to commit bus hijacking, a class C felony, and misdemeanor assault.

VIDEO: Belligerent Beachgoer Gets Knocked Out After Flipping Vendor’s Table

In a video recorded at Venice Beach, a rowdy, possibly intoxicated man is seen harassing some boardwalk vendors. The conflict does not escalate beyond words until 01:22 into the video, when the man flips over the vendors’ table. At that point, a man in blue shorts, who until that point had stood off to the side, lunges in for the attack and unleashes a series of blows on the table-flipper.

Container Labeled ‘Cyanide’ Found in Car of Suspected Courtroom Suicide

New information has been released in the case of Michael Marin, 53, the Former Wall Street banker suspected of killing himself in court on June 29 after being found guilty of arson. Marin, 53, a one-time millionaire who burned down his house after being unable to pay for it, faced a 15 3/4 year sentence.

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