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Update: Most outrageous bestiality cases

The scary part is, these are just the weird ones.

Are cats the new contraband mule?

In three incidents so far this year, cats have been caught smuggling contraband into prisons around the world.

Fla. Python Eats Two Cats, Cats Mutilated in NJ, Six Cat Heads in Ontario

All in all this is not a banner week for cats in the news. So for the time being, maybe it’s not a bad idea to keep your cats, black or otherwise, inside until authorities sort this stuff out.

Suspected Cat Mass Mutilator Under House Arrest Draws Protests

Scott Andrew Graham is under house arrest after admitting to and being convicted of steeling 30-40 cats from his Mesa, Arizona, neighborhood. He reportedly admitted to taking the cats, playing with them and then releasing them at another location, but angry neighbors believe he tortured and killed the cats, and that the public should be made aware.

Warning: Tourists in France Beware of Aggressive Pack of Feral Cats

French authorities are asking tourists to be on their guard after a woman, who was walking her dog, was knocked to the ground and mauled, nearly to death, by a pride of feral cats.

Chronic Cat Hoarder Arrested Again

Delores Metcalf just can’t quit cats. The Kansas City woman has been arrested for a fourth time on charges related to hoarding felines.

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