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Casey Anthony: After the acquittal

July 2, 2012, Casey Anthony made her first public appearance since her 2011 acquittal of her daughter Caylee’s murder. A look in photos at her activities following the trial.

Slideshow: Acquitted?!

A look at some shocking acquittals that took everyone, except maybe the jury, by complete surprise.

Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy: Income $0, Assets $1,084, Debt $792,119.

But luckily for her she won’t have to pay it. Earlier this week a judge granted her debt relief from the massive bills she racked up for her defense.

Today in Crime History: Casey Anthony Claims to Last See Her Daughter Alive

In a handwritten statement, Casey Anthony claimed that June 9, 2008, was the last time she saw her daughter alive. Detectives found holes in her statements, claiming that Casey was alive and with her grandmother on June 15. Casey Anthony was famously acquitted of killing Caylee.

As Casey Anthony Probation Ends, Zenaida Gonzales Is Arrested

As Casey Anthony prepares to enjoy her freedom, the woman who is suing her for defamation, Zenaida Gonzales, is arrested for selling alcohol to a minor.

Casey Anthony Wants New Trial

Casey Anthony was famously acquitted of killing her daughter Caylee last summer, escaping the most serious charges against her, but the jury did find her guilty of four counts of lying to police. Now Anthony, who’s been bobbing in and out of the spotlight since her acquittal convictions overturned.

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