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Cary Stayner and the Yosemite murders

On March 18, 1999, police found the bodies of the first victims of the Yosemite Killer. Shockingly, this serial killer turned out to be the brother of Steven Stayner, who had been abducted into sexual slavery as a child and escaped, turning in his captor seven years later.

Today in Crime History: Steven Stayner abducted by pedophile Kenneth Parnell

On December 4, 1972, Steven Stayner, 7, was abducted into sexual slavery Kenneth Parnell, an ordeal that would last more than seven years. Steven’s step-grandfather had a cabin in Yosemite a few hundred feet from Parnell’s, but never knew that Steven was within easy shouting distance. Ironically, Steven’s older brother, Cary, would later become the serial killer known as the Yosemite Murderer,

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