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Video: Would-be carjacker gets good-Samaritan beat down

It’s always good to see people in a community coming together and standing up for each other. In this case, citizens didn’t hold back punches or colorful metaphors when subduing the suspect. In fact, the stunned carjacker seems relieved when he is released into police custody.

Dumb Criminal Allegedly Steals Car, Taunts Owner, Crashes

Damian Gingerich jumped into the idling car, made eye contact with the car’s owner, smiled, did a few doughnuts and sped off. That was his sole moment of coolness, and it was quickly over.

Police: Alleged Carjacker Threatened Teen Victim With HIV Needle

Police in Massachusetts say a teenage driver was forced out of her car at needlepoint — and not the embroidery kind. Scott Steverding, 30, has been indicted on charges of armed carjacking for allegedly threatening a 17-year-old girl with a needle he said was contaminated with HIV.

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