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An alligator helped stop this car thief

Calvin Rodriguez was speeding away in an allegedly stolen Honda Civic when he hit an alligator crossing a Port St Lucie, Florida, road. Police were pursuing Rodriguez for a rash of stolen Hondas and Acuras and say they spotted him shortly before he hit the ‘gator. Police believe Rodrigues stole five cars using a “shaved [...]

Thief steals car, runs out of gas, calls owner for money

A thief in Norway deserves some sort of prize for executing the most ill-conceived car theft, possibly in history. He stole a car with no gas, no money, no license, and donning a reflective safety vest, called the owners for help.

Man stole vehicle to be on time for court date for stealing vehicle

They say people learn from their mistakes, but what exactly a person may or may not learn could surprise you.

Female Would-be Car Thief Outwitted by Automatic Transmission

It’s not unusual to hear about would-be car thieves being tripped up by a manual transmission, but a young woman in Phoenix, Ariz., was recently arrested after she failed to get a car with an automatic transmission into gear. File this under You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

Man Stole Own Car, Drove It Into Pond, Say Police

Police in Delware say a man didn’t pay for a repair shop’s services, so he stole his own car, led police on a chase, then crashed into a pond.

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