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Driver crashes SUV, abandons it and injured boy, 3, inside

In fact, the crash was so bad that the SUV was totaled and errupted into flame. Thankfully, the boy was pulled to safety before the fire broke out. The driver has not yet been found.

Woman denied ice cream torches beau’s car

Specifically, witnesses say, that the Jacksonville, Florida, woman in question was hotly denied a McDonald’s McFlurry by the man she was with, and expressed her discontent by dousing his car with gasoline and lighting it on fire. Sometimes standing between a woman her icy, creamy goodness can be hazardous to your health.

Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Children in SUV Fire

A man whose two children died in a car fire has pleaded guilty to their murders and will serve the rest of his days in prison. Yun avoided the death penalty by taking the plea, and instead agreed to two consecutive life terms.

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