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Dallas Woman who led police on drug-fueled car chase, ‘I had a bad day’

Reshonda Fields first caught the attention of Dallas police when her dark-colored Cadillac blew through a stop light one night this week. When police went to pull her over, they discovered that this was not going to be any ordinary traffic stop because Fields wasn’t about to stop for anyone.

VIDEO: Family of Marlon Brown Release Police Cam Video of His Death

This May Marlon Brown found himself being chased by police for an alleged seat belt violation. He stopped his car, and tried to get away on foot. Two of the three pursuing police cars broke off pursuit; the third ran him over. This is dashboard camera video from that third cruiser.

Cleveland Police Officers Disciplined After Unarmed Couple Shot 47 Times

Seventy five of Cleveland’s finest will be disciplined after investigation into the shooting deaths of two unarmed people showed a massive fail in standard operating police procedure. Nineteen of those face suspension for offenses ranging from engaging in a chase without permission to providing false information on police reports.

VIDEO: The Best Car Chase Video You’ll See Today

A 46-second clip that just might be a contender for car-chase video of the year. Police in Los Angeles spent nearly an hour in pursuit of a teenage driver in a Camry believed to have been stolen. Many across LA were following the chase on TV, and one Youtuber decided to make a video.

Two Danish Police Officers in Unmarked Cars Chase Each Other

In a car-chase all too reminiscent of a scene from a silent movie about the Keystone Cops, two Danish police officers in unmarked cars engaged in a wild chase through the city of Copenhagen, which might’ve been okay, except that they were chasing each other.

Shoplifters Wreak Havoc for One Case of Beer

Two unidentified Texas men hell bent on getting a case knocked over a customer, fought with a clerk, nearly knocked over two more people before speeding away in their getaway vehicle. They were followed, and apparently prepared to go to extreme lengths to get their beer, possibly even vehicular manslaughter.

Police: Man Hijacked Car to Drive Pregnant Girlfriend to Hospital

When their car ran out of gas, 31-year-old Robert Boudreaux of Deltona, Fla., and his 22-year-old pregnant girlfriend started making their way to the hospital on foot. They walked for several miles, when the girlfriend became dehydrated and started bleeding. That’s when Boudreaux decided to take action. According to reports, he hailed a driver and asked for a ride to the hospital. When the driver refused, Boudreaux allegedly threatened to shoot him.

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