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Cannibalism and the Strange Case of Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was suspected in the disappearance of young Zachary Ramsay, but there was insufficient evidence to convict him. However, Bar-Jonah was sentenced to 130 years for child molestation and sexual assault. He died in prison in 2008.

‘Punk Rock’ Man who Ate Own Septic Finger Won’t Face Charges

David Playpenz was in a motorcycle accident. He showed his hurt hand to doctors a few days later when one of his fingers turned black. Doctors amputated the digit which Playpenz asked to take home. Sure! Said the doctors, who had no idea what he planned next.

How Far is Too Far? When Online Sexual Fantasy Turns Into Violent Crime

New York’s now-infamous “cannibal cop” isn’t actually a cannibal, because he never got as far as eating another human. Still, a jury found him guilty of conspiring to kidnap, kill, cook and eat women. At what point does online role play in the realm of violent fetishism become grounds for criminal charges?

Chinese Cannibal Dried, Cured & Sold Human Flesh

When Chinese cannibal Zhang Yongming was executed, it was for murder, but his acts go far beyond just killing. Yongming ate his victims. He also dried and cured the leftover human flesh and sold it in the southwestern village market of Kunming as ostrich meat.

Japanese Man Who Cooked, Served Own Genitals to Diners Charged

Authorities have finally decided to charge x-gender artist Mao Sugiyama with indecent exposure for serving up his severed genitals to cannibalistic diners.

Chinese ‘Cannibal Monster’ Sentenced to Death

Last week serial killer Zhang Yongming received a death sentence — for the second time in his life. This time he was convicted of murdering, cannibalizing and selling the meat of 11 victims, mostly young boys, though he is a suspect in as many as 20 missing person cases.

Professional Puppeteer Arrested for Plans to Abduct, Rape, Kill and Eat Child

Homeland Security raided the home of puppeteer Ronald Brown, who works extensively with children, after discovering an online discussion he had with another man about abducting, killing and eating children as young as 2. The other man, who may have already killed one child, is also in custody.

German Court Rules Circumcision a Crime, and Japanese Investigate Man Who Cooked, Served Own Genitals

Do parents in Germany have the right to have their children circumcised? Did Mao Sugiyama break any laws when he served up his genitalia for dinner? Is presentation really everything? An update on important penis-related legal questions of the day.