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Today in Crime History: Jeffrey Dahmer is Arrested

On July 22, 1991, police found a dazed Tracy Edwards wandering the streets with one hand cuffed. He told them of being drugged and nearly killed in a house of horrors. The officers investigated; all was fine until they found a human head in the fridge. Dahmer was arrested, his rampage ended.

Today in Crime History: Yoo Young-cheol is Arrested

On July 15, 2004, the South Korean police arrested serial killer Yoo Young-cheol. Released from prison in 2003, he planned to kill 100 rich people, but first he practiced, capturing lots of stray dogs and beating them to death. Then he moved on to killing wealthy prostitutes.

VIDEO: Guy Who Ate Dad’s Brain Talks About the Crime

Joseph Garner, then 38, was convicted in 1997 for the December 26, 1995, murder of his father, Paul Gardner, and sentenced to 62 years in prison. The court upheld the conviction even though Gardner was found to be insane, perhaps because of the heinousness of the crime. Here Gardner talks about the murder.

Today in Crime History: Marion Ketter, 4, Disappears From Playground in Duisburg, Germany

On Saturday July 3, 1976, sweet little blond Marion Ketter, 4, went missing. By the next day, police had Joachim Kroll in custody after someone at #11 Friesenstrasse told a police officer that Kroll had warned that the toilet was plugged with “guts.” It turned out that the likable, but not very intelligent, Kroll, affectionately called "Uncle" by the neighborhood children, had a propensity for rape and murder, and a taste for human flesh that went back more than twenty years.

Nakuru Cannibal Arraigned on Charges of Killing and Eating Neighbor

Amos Gichuhi Kimeria of Kenya’s Nakuru County was arraigned last week on charges that he killed a neighbor with a machete, and ate his heart, liver, penis and intestines before carelessly dumping the body.

Today in Crime History: Joachim Kroll Kills Monika Tafel

On June 4, 1962, 12-year-old Monika Tafel was killed by Joachim Kroll. Kroll had grabbed her as she was walking to school. After Kroll had finished with her, he removed pieces from her buttocks and thighs.

Man Bites off, Swallows Cousin’s Earlobe Over Loud Music

Emilio Mendoza, 27, of Stamford, Conn., has been arrested after a fight with his cousin Ruiz Clemente-Perez, 29, left Clemente-Perez in serious need of a doctor and a prosthetic earlobe.

There’s a Flock of Pigeons Living in a Serial Killer’s House; Locals Say They’re the Souls of Victims

A psychiatric hospital on the banks of the Volga river houses a serial murderer who killed, cooked and ate at least 19 young women and girls. In the 16 years Alexander Spesivtsev has been away, his apartment has only been entered three times by workers. Even his mother, who served 13 years in prison for helping him, hasn’t gone inside.

Chinese Cannibal Dried, Cured & Sold Human Flesh

When Chinese cannibal Zhang Yongming was executed, it was for murder, but his acts go far beyond just killing. Yongming ate his victims. He also dried and cured the leftover human flesh and sold it in the southwestern village market of Kunming as ostrich meat.

Dead Man Found in Albuquerque Hotel May Have Been Cannibalized

Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, arrested Jaime Lynn Vigil, 21, after responding to a call early on November 27, 2012, about a disturbance at the Imperial Inn. They arrived to find Vigil, who witnesses had reported wandering through the hotel complex, covered blood. On further investigation they found a room in disarray, with the door open and an unidentified dead man in it.

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