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Canadian man stabbed at party, leaves and is hit by two different drunk drivers

In a Wile E. Coyote sort of moment, a Canadian man who was wounded seriously during an argument at a party, continued partying, collapsed from blood loss while walking to get help, only to be run over twice — by two different drunk drivers.

Video: Mayor Rob Ford threatening to “kill” and “murder”

A new video has surfaced in the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford death spiral. And it’s basically just unbelievable that it’s something that happened in the real world. The video was made secretly with a computer by someone in his office and then sold to the Toronto Star. Ford rants, “I’ll rip his f***ing throat out. [...]

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: “Yes I have smoked crack cocaine.”

Read the transcript of Mayor Rob Ford’s confession to reporters that he has smoked crack.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s crack-smoking video discovered

Toronto’s police chief told reporters Thursday investigators recovered a video showing Mayor Rob Ford smoking from a crack pipe. Toronto police raided Ford’s friend and sometimes-driver Alexander Lisi’s home on drugs and extortions suspicions and found the file, which had been deleted, on his computer. The recording will be entered into evidence for Lisi’s trial. [...]

Canadian man waited a day in ER, died waiting

Like something out of an absurd late-night comedy sketch, the doctor that finally examined double amputee Brian Sinclair, who had been waiting in a Winnipeg emergency room for a whole day, said Sinclair had been dead for hours.

Evidence File: Mark Twitchell’s murder manuscript

A key piece of evidence presented at the trial of Canadian killer Mark Twitchell was a 42-page document titled SKConfessions, with the SK standing for “serial killer.” In the manuscript, Twitchell, an amateur filmmaker, claims to detail his “progression into becoming a serial killer” and describes murder in gruesome detail.

‘Country Boy’ Killer Legebokoff Murder Trial Postponed

The trial of “Country Boy” killer Cody Legebokoff, was set to begin today in British Columbia, but has been postponed. Legebokoff was charged in 2010 with murdering missing teen Loren Leslie, 15, and legally blind, who may have met him online. He is now also charged with the murders of three sex workers who disappeared during the same time frame.

‘Bohemian Rhapsodist’ Runs for Mayor

Canadian Robert Wilkinson, who made viral video fame with his November 2011 police cam rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” has decided to run for public office. He is running against incumbent Greg Pasychny, who is currently enjoying his third term as mayor of Edson, Alberta and is not in a viral video. May the best man win.

VIDEO: Police Ask Public’s Help Identifying Suspect in Child Porn Video

Canadian law enforcement in New Brunswick are reaching out to the general public for help identifying a man seen sexually assaulting a little girl, who appears to be about three years old, in a video that was first posted on the Internet in 2005.

Photos of Rehtaeh Parsons Appeared in Facebook Dating Ads

This, in and of itself might not seem so bad, but the Nova Scotia teen committed suicide in 2011 at age 17 from online bullying stemming from an acquaintance rape. She was 15 when four boys at a friend’s house allegedly raped her, photographed it and circulated photos of the assault online. The ads have been pulled and the advertiser banned from Facebook.

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