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Ontario humane society seek person who shot cat 17 times

Animal rescuers in Ontario are seeking the public’s help in tracking down the perpetrator in what’s being called a “horrific animal cruelty” case. The Sarnia and District Humane Society received a male cat who’d suffered an unspeakable assault: the poor feline had been shot in the head with a shocking 17 pellets.

Today in Crime History: The Death of Tammy Homolka

On December 23, 1990, Karla and her husband Paul Bernardo, aka Canada’s "Ken and Barbie Sex Killers" took their first victim: Homolka’s young sister Tammy. Tammy’s virginity was to be Paul’s Christmas present from Karla, who no longer had her own to give. Doped with halothane, Tammy died of an overdose while they raped her.

Cody Legebokoff, Canada’s accused ‘Country Boy Killer’

A 21-year-old man who used the moniker 1CountryBoy online is accused of murdering four women in Canada.

Man jailed for failed stab-proof-vest test

Are you your best friend’s keeper? Well if he’s a moron, going around asking people to stab him in the chest, the answer, according to a court in Edmonton, Alberta, is a resounding, yes.

Rapist who wrote ‘I had fun’ in the victim’s blood is sentenced

Last week Christopher Green, pleaded guilty to the charges, and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. The attack, on a 24-year-old woman, occurred in May 2012. The victim had been drinking in her home with friends, and fell asleep only to wake to Green, and an attack so brutal that would leave her mind and body permanently scarred.

Today in Crime History: The body of Cpl. Marie-France Comeau is found

On November 25, 2009, the body of Cpl. Marie-France Comeau, 37, a military flight attendant stationed at CFB Trenton, was found by her boyfriend. Comeau’s killer, David Russell Williams, was a Colonel in the Canadian Forces and her base commander. Ironically, her killer would be the person charged with writing the condolence letter to her family.

Canadian man stabbed at party, leaves and is hit by two different drunk drivers

In a Wile E. Coyote sort of moment, a Canadian man who was wounded seriously during an argument at a party, continued partying, collapsed from blood loss while walking to get help, only to be run over twice — by two different drunk drivers.

Video: Mayor Rob Ford threatening to “kill” and “murder”

A new video has surfaced in the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford death spiral. And it’s basically just unbelievable that it’s something that happened in the real world. The video was made secretly with a computer by someone in his office and then sold to the Toronto Star. Ford rants, “I’ll rip his f***ing throat out. [...]

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: “Yes I have smoked crack cocaine.”

Read the transcript of Mayor Rob Ford’s confession to reporters that he has smoked crack.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s crack-smoking video discovered

Toronto’s police chief told reporters Thursday investigators recovered a video showing Mayor Rob Ford smoking from a crack pipe. Toronto police raided Ford’s friend and sometimes-driver Alexander Lisi’s home on drugs and extortions suspicions and found the file, which had been deleted, on his computer. The recording will be entered into evidence for Lisi’s trial. [...]