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Slideshow: Kathleen Soliah, shootout in LA

On April 21, 1975, using kidnapped-heiress Patty Hearst as a getaway driver, members of the SLA robbed a Bank in California, killing a woman. Hearst would ultimately give up her accomplices, including Kathleen Soliah. When police tracked them down, they did not go without a firefight. A look in photos at the dramatic shootout.

Today in Crime History: Killer granny Dorothea Puente is arrested

On November 11, 1988, police finally found the source of the stench that had hovered for so long over Puente’s boarding house: The bodies of seven of her missing boarders buried in the yard. The sweet-faced, grandmotherly lady with “sewer problems” had been getting away with murder for years.

Ten things not to have in your car when you pass out drunk with the engine on

Antwane Burrise of Stockton, California, a convicted felon on searchable probation, found out the hard way that there are some things you just don’t want cops to find in your possession when you’re passed-out drunk behind the wheel of your car with the engine running. A fully loaded AK-47, for example.

Cleophus Prince Jr., the Clairemont Killer

Sentenced to death on November 5, 1993, for the murders of six women, this San Diego-area serial killer with a stabbing fetish liked attacking his victims in the shower, just like Norman Bates in the horror film Psycho.

Police: Woman on phone ran over herd of cattle

With a name like Daisy Cowit, it’s probably inevitable that she would eventually have a cow encounter, but not necessarily a 50-cow encounter with the cows hitting the front end of her car all at once.

This computer model predicts where crime will occur

A collaboration between a sociology professor and a town police department has resulted in a computer model that seems to be accurately predicting where crimes will happen next.

Today in Crime History: Halloween murder in Napa Valley

A Halloween attack in California’s wine country leaves two housemates dead and a killer on the loose. No one suspected that he was mingling with the mourning relatives, consoling them and attending candlelight memorials.

Dan Rather goes to California, is shocked by pot plants the size of “giant Christmas trees”

Dan Rather has an interesting post today on Huffington Post talking about illegal pot farms in Northern California. He goes on a ride-along with a raid of one of the farms growing “super-mega-steroid marijuana plants” that grow as high as 15 feet. Rather describes finding foreign criminals operating giant-scale pot farms illegally, often on public [...]

Today in Crime History: Wayne Adam Ford Picks Up Final Victim

On October 22, 1998, Tamez spent the early part of the afternoon soliciting sex from truckers at the intersection of 6th and D in Victorville, Calif. After several hours she got her first response when a man in a large, black truck pulled up and propositioned her. Following a brief conversation, Tamez got into the truck and drove off with the man toward the highway. It would be her last trick.

Today in Crime History: Fire leads police to one of the bloodiest mass murders since Manson

On October 19, 1970, a fire at a wealthy California doctor’s home led authorities to one of the most gruesome mass murders since the Manson murders. Scared hippies pointed police towards hermit and environmental nut John Linley Frazier. His motive? To wreak vengeance on those who rape the environment and restore the natural beauty of the hillside where the doctor’s luxury home once stood.