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The football player and the millionaire: A deadly love triangle

The ad read, —Wealthy Men Only. I know how to take care of my man if he knows how to take care of me.— Millionaire Bill McLaughlin thought he had met the woman of his dreams, but nothing comes without a price.

Tunnels discovered under Alcatraz

Once the site of one of America’s most formidable prisons, Alcatraz Island recently gave up a fresh and tantalizing secret when a team of scientists from Texas A&M University turned ground-penetrating radar on it. The scientists discovered a labyrinth of underground tunnels — located under what was the prison recreational yard. In Yahoo News, writer [...]

The Mitchell family’s murders

A look at San Francisco’s notorious pornographers, Mitchell brothers Jim and Artie, their rise to fame and the murders that shattered two generations of the Mitchell family.

Video: Why jaywalking is a bad idea

As a jaywalker you are bound eventually to make a potentially fatal mistake, and often enough, after they run you over, the drivers don’t stop. Monday, the Santa Anna, California, girl, 14, shown in this graphic and disturbing video, dashed out into the crosswalk against the light and was hit by not just one, but two vehicles.

Woman assaulted in Big Lots bathroom by man dressed like Barbie doll

It took only 40 minutes for San Diego police to catch up with a barefoot, screwdriver-wielding suspect, wearing a pink tutu and a princess top, in connection with a sexual assault in a public bathroom

MacDonald’s patron given only one napkin with meal sues

An angry California man is suing MacDonald’s after he got gypped on his fair share of napkins. When he asked the server to remedy the situation, he claims to have been treated with prejudice, and is suing the restaurant chain to the tune of $1.5 million for causing him “undue mental anguish.”

Woman writes to those who robbed her while her husband died

A woman, who sped after the ambulance to the hospital after her husband suffered a fatal heart attack at their home, returned to find that thieves had looted the house while she was gone. In a personal note to the Record Bee, she addresses the robbers who stole all the mementos that she and her late husband shared.

Firefighter cuffed, held while helping accident victims

A California firefighter has made headlines by responding to a serious accident on February 4, 2014, following protocol, attempting to help victims, and getting himself cuffed and held by CHPs officers for his trouble.

Cheerleader sues NFL team for a fair wage

We see cheerleaders on TV every weekend during football season dancing and shaking their pom-poms, but one Oakland Raider cheerleader isn’t jumping up and down with glee – she’s taking her NFL team to court.

Watch: Woman confronts her rapist 16 years later

Jamie Carillo, now 28, has been working up the strength to confront the teacher she claims sexually abused for years, starting at age 12. When she found her courage, however, the statute of limitations for the crime had run out. Undaunted, she called the woman, confronted her, recorded the interaction and posted it online.

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