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The definitive Edmund Kemper

A deeply troubled but intelligent teenager, Edmund Kemper killed his grandparents, then six female hitchhikers, then his mother and her friend. He turned himself in on April 23, 1973, and is now spending the rest of his days in a California prison. Find all the information on Kemper that Crime Library has to offer here, all in once place.

Police: Serial killers wore GPS trackers during murders

In a case disturbing for those who hope that tracking sex offenders will stop sex-offender recidivism, two registered California sex offenders, who each attended regular visits with police, and wore GPS ankle trackers, are suspects in at least 5 murders, and police believe there are more victims.

Slideshow: Serial killer Rodney Alcala’s photos, subjects or victims?

The following photographs were found in convicted serial killer Rodney Alcala’s storage unit. The unsolved mystery surrounding the identities of the people in these photos persists, and police have long feared, could lead to more victims. Do you recognize any of these people?

Today in Crime History: Sandra Cantu is abducted

When Sandra Cantu, 8, vanished on March 27, 2009, people feared that something bad had happened to her. They were right. Sandra had been kidnapped, drugged and allegedly raped before being murdered by the pastor’s daughter who taught at her Sunday school.

Cary Stayner and the Yosemite murders

On March 18, 1999, police found the bodies of the first victims of the Yosemite Killer. Shockingly, this serial killer turned out to be the brother of Steven Stayner, who had been abducted into sexual slavery as a child and escaped, turning in his captor seven years later.

Father arrested for biting off infant son’s nose

A teen father in California is behind bars for suspected child cruelty and aggravated mayhem after police say he bit off his one-month-old child’s nose, among other things.

The football player and the millionaire: A deadly love triangle

The ad read, —Wealthy Men Only. I know how to take care of my man if he knows how to take care of me.— Millionaire Bill McLaughlin thought he had met the woman of his dreams, but nothing comes without a price.

Tunnels discovered under Alcatraz

Once the site of one of America‚Äôs most formidable prisons, Alcatraz Island recently gave up a fresh and tantalizing secret when a team of scientists from Texas A&M University turned ground-penetrating radar on it. The scientists discovered a labyrinth of underground tunnels — located under what was the prison recreational yard. In Yahoo News, writer [...]

The Mitchell family’s murders

A look at San Francisco’s notorious pornographers, Mitchell brothers Jim and Artie, their rise to fame and the murders that shattered two generations of the Mitchell family.

Video: Why jaywalking is a bad idea

As a jaywalker you are bound eventually to make a potentially fatal mistake, and often enough, after they run you over, the drivers don’t stop. Monday, the Santa Anna, California, girl, 14, shown in this graphic and disturbing video, dashed out into the crosswalk against the light and was hit by not just one, but two vehicles.

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