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Florida’s bare naked hamburglars still at large

They are being called “bare naked beef bandits,” “dumb, dumber and dumbest” and the naked “knuckleheads,” after being caught on surveillance camera making off with the beef, as if there wasn’t already enough “beef” between the three of them.

Teens try to rob car with deputy inside

If there’s a Number 1 Rule to burgling cars, it has to be: First check that Officer Friendly isn’t inside it. Three Florida teens learned this valuable lesson around 6 p.m. Tuesday, after allegedly trying to enter a car with undercover detectives calmly sitting inside the car, watching them.

Ohio Woman Susan Warren, aka the Cleaning Fairy, Pleads Guilty

Susan Warren first came to the attention of authorities in May 2012 after she decided to break into a complete stranger’s house — and tidy up. The homeowner was not amused. This week she pleaded guilty to charges of attempted burglary.

Chinese Couple’s Home Burgled by Catfish Prowler

You know that the world’s economy is in trouble when catfish are turning to a life of crime.

Woman Accused of Breaking Into Homes, Cleaning, Leaving a Bill

A woman, who is being called the “Cleaning Fairy,” is accused of randomly breaking into people’s homes and tidying up a bit before leaving a bill for her unasked-for services.

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