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Murder, they blogged

On April 17, 2006, FBI agents found the body of Jamie Rose Bolin, 10, in a plastic tub in the bedroom of Kevin Ray Underwood — along with skewers and meat tenderizer. Underwood it seemed had made the move to bridge the gap between blogging about acts of cannibalism and performing them. A look at this case and others involving killers who blogged.

School district apologizes for anti-bullying flyer

The public school system in Lincoln, Nebraska, has publicly apologized for the content of the following anti-bullying flyer that was sent home with fifth graders from the Zeman Elementary School in time for Easter. The nine item flyer on “turning bullies into buddies” contains breathtakingly bad advice like “Do not tell on bullies” — because bullies hate that, don’t ya know.

Slideshow: 13 worst cases of bullying

With social media a constant presence, kids can no longer leave the bullying at school. Unable to cope any longer, some victims of bullying have met a tragic end.

Mother Sues School, Students and Parents for Allowing Bullying

After repeated physical assaults on her daughter went unanswered, DeAnn Cooks was allegedly told by the Assistant Principal of her daughter’s Tulsa, Ok., school to drop her complaint because it made them look bad.

VIDEO: Jail for Man Caught on Tape Mocking Disabled Girl

An Ohio dad has been ordered to serve 29 days in jail after being captured on video mocking a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy. William Bailey, 43, pleaded no contest Tuesday to misdemeanor charges of menacing and disorderly conduct and will have to pay a $400 fine in addition to the jail term. The sentence handed down by the judge was the maximum possible for those charges.

Teen Suicide and Social Media

In the pre-internet era, news of teenage indiscretions might travel around the high school hallways. Now they are broadcast to the world. Too often, the cyber-bullying of vulnerable teenage girls leads to self-mutiliation or even suicide. Two teenaged girls recently killed themselves after posting heart-wrenching messages on social media. On the flip side, another teen might have been saved by the online activist group Anonymous, who stepped in to defend a 15 year-old girl from cyber-bullies and trolls.

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