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Daughter lived with mother’s corpse for three years

A Brooklyn hoarder lived her mother’s corpse for two or three years. But she made the best of them.

Google maps labels Brooklyn street “drug section”

The New York web site Gothamist found that there’s an area of Brooklyn that Google thinks might be a little druggy. And so 8th Street in Bensonhurst is labeled “drug section” on the Google map. Obviously, it’s a mistake. The site contacted Google and the problem is being fixed — or already fixed. However the street view [...]

Fancy Brooklyn restaurant owner trafficked synthetic drugs

Things didn’t go exactly as planned for a New York restaurant owner who turned to international drug trafficking to save his struggling establishment.

50 murder convictions by Brooklyn detective called into question

Convicts are being exonerated and freed after a cop’s life work was called into question and it turns out he wasn’t playing by the rules. Detective Louis Scarcella worked on some of Brooklyn’s most famous murder cases in the 80s and 90s. Fifty of his convictions are now being reviewed.

‘Haunted’ lawnmower seeks new owner to haunt

Just in time for Halloween is a lawnmower that owners claim causes “spikes” in “paranormal activity.” Best of all? It’s totally free on Craigslist!

Mob Epic: The Lucchese Crime Family

Learn why members of the Lucchese crime family have inspired some of the most notable mob characters on film and TV, including “Goodfellas” and “The Sopranos.”

The Abduction and Murder of Little Leiby Kletzky

July 11, 2011, was the first and last day that little Leiby Kletzky would try all alone to walk the 7 blocks from his day camp at Yeshiva Boyan Tiferes Mordechai Shlomo to his home on 15th Avenue. Leiby had practiced the walk with his parents, yet he got lost. Borough Park is one of Brooklyn’s safest neighborhoods — still, a child disappeared from its streets and lost his life.

VIDEO: Brooklyn Train Skirmish Nets Two Arrests

There was a lot of yelling on the number 3 train in Brooklyn on Monday, when police responded to reports of a young man who’d allegedly stolen someone’s phone. A woman who allegedly tried to intervene in the man’s arrest also ended up facing charges.

Instagram Photo Calls for Death of Two NYPD Cops in Teen’s Killing

On March 9, NYPD Officer Jovaniel Cordova and Sgt. Mourad Mourad, both in plainclothes, shot and killed 16-year old Kimani Gray outside his best friend’s birthday party in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. His killing has caused outrage in his neighborhood, and an Instagram user has gone as far as to demand the deaths of the two policemen responsible.

Alleged Brooklyn Serial Killer Arraigned on Thanksgiving

It wasn’t a very happy Thanksgiving for Salvatore Perrone. While most Americans enjoyed the day at home feasting with family, Perrone was in a Brooklyn court being arraigned for the murders of three shopkeepers.

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