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Trio Suspected in Brittany Killgore BDSM Murder to Stand Trial, Judge Rules

After a week of preliminary hearings during which the court heard investigators describe how 22-year-old Marine wife Brittany Killgore was brutally raped and strangled, a judge in Vista, Ca., has ruled that the man and two woman accused of her murder will stand trial.

Preliminary Hearing Begins in Brittany Killgore BDSM Murder

A hearing begins today for the three defendants accused of murdering Marine wife Brittany Killgore in California last April. The hearing is expected to last five days and will determine whether there is sufficient evidence to try Marine Sgt. Louis Ray Perez and his lovers Jessica Lopez and Dorothy Maraglino for Killgore’s murder.

Prosecution Hires Cipher Expert to Decode Message in Brittany Killgore BDSM Murder

It’s a strange case that keeps getting stranger. Three people involved in a master-slave BDSM relationship are accused of murdering a pretty young Marine wife in April of last year. Now, the prosecution has reportedly hired an expert to decipher a cryptic note found in one of the defendants’ jail cells.

Woman Charged in BDSM Murder Case Delivers Co-Defendant’s Baby

A California woman charged with murder in the death of Marine wife Brittany Killgore has reportedly delivered a baby. The San Diego Reader reported Monday that Dorothy Maraglino, 37, gave birth to a child fathered by Louis Perez, 46, who is also charged in Killgore’s slaying. Maraglino, Perez, and a third co-defendant, Jessica Lopez, 25, have all pleaded not guilty to murder.

Alleged Suicide Note Details BDSM Lifestyle of Suspected Brittany Killgore Killers

Yesterday, authorities released search warrants which detail the slave-master relationships of the two women and man accused of murdering Brittany Killgore in April. The warrants include evidence found in their home, as well as a suicide note left by Jessica Lopez, in which she takes the blame for the killing before attempting to take her own life. The note can be read here in its entirety.

Suspects in Brittany Killgore Death Were Members on Bondage Websites

Three people have been charged with first-degree murder in the death of 22-year-old Brittany Killgore, the wife of a Marine based in Camp Pendleton, California. Killgore’s body was found in a remote area near Lake Skinner on Tuesday, April 17, four days after she disappeared.

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