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Unchecked Aggression: The Story of Patrick Mackay

Patrick Mackay, a young London man who exhibited psychopathic tendencies at a very early age, was processed by the British health system frequently, but despite his violent behavior was always released where he grew into a predictable repeat killer, finally murdering a priest who had befriended him.

Britain’s Ministry of Justice legalizes being an ‘incorrigible rogue’

Yes, “incorrigible rogues” all over the UK can relax. That particular behavior is no longer considered criminal, but don’t worry there are many more crimes to steer clear of that are being added to the books regularly.

Louise Woodward is having a baby

The British au pair who was convicted of shaking baby Matthew Eappen to death in 1997 is having a baby of her own!

Scotland Yard announces weird British spy death ‘probably an accident’

Scotland Yard has reconfirmed that MI6 spy Gareth Williams died by misadventure. This perplexing case began with the discovery of his body, decomposing in a padlocked gym bag in his bathtub. Since then authorities have been trying to determine if he was murdered or the victim of his own fetishist pursuits. Read the case from the beginning.

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