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Photo: Prison visitor had 23 things stashed in his butt

Prison guards were surprised by the impressive array of items found in the “anus” of one André Silva de Jesus, 35, who was visiting an unidentified prison inmate. Reports indicate that a doctor’s note, saying that the suspect had a pacemaker and couldn’t be x-rayed, piqued guards’ suspicions. Though it’s also a good bet he was walking funny.

Brazil’s alleged cannibal trio killed women in rituals and sold pies made with their flesh

In Brazil, Jorge Beltrao Negromonte, 51, his 50-year-old wife and 25-year-old mistress are accused of murdering at least two women in a "purification" ritual invented by Negromonte’s schizophrenic mind. After killing and dismembering the women, police say the trio ate their flesh and cooked it into empanadas, which they sold to neighbors.

Video: Victim flamboyantly stands up to armed robber in brazil

In honor Brazil;s hosting the FIFA World Cup this year, we present surveillance cam footage of a failed robbery attempt in in that fair country, in which an armed robber is most decidedly shown the door, or should we say the window, by his intended victim.

Watch: Woman mugged during TV interview on rising crime rate

A woman being interviewed by a TV crew about how police weren’t taking care of crime on the streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil was actually mugged in mid interview, on camera and in broad daylight on the streets, essentially proving her right.

Look: Police are trying to solve this mystery

Brazilian police are trying to figure out how a Honda CG 150 Fan wound up literally strung up a pole at around 2:30 a.m. March 15, 2014. Police seem pretty sure an accident is to blame, but the physics of how exactly this could have happened are still unclear.

Brazilian soccer player’s severed head left on front porch

The popular soccer player’s wife discovered her husband’s head in a backpack on the front porch of their home.

Brazil: Soccer Ref Decapitated After Stabbing Player

It’s a well-known fact that sports fans in Brazil take their soccer very seriously, but when a referee expelled Josenir Abreu from a game over the weekend of June 30, 2013, and stabbed him to death, even fans knew something was wrong — so they stormed the field, and ripped the ref to pieces.

VIDEO: Robber Suffers Fatal Heart Attack in the Middle of Robbery

On Tuesday, three suspects attempted to rob some people at a gas station outside São Paulo, Brazil. Two approached their targets, a pair of gas station attendants, while a third waited in a getaway car. In the middle of rifling through the pockets of a victim, 25-year-old Luiz Antônio Teixeira collapsed and died.

Police in Rio Perplexed by Giftwrapped Skulls Found

Police in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, are scratching their heads about a series of giftwrapped skulls that have been left all over town.

Brazilian Student Posts Final Message From Burning Nightclub

From our friends at the Daily Dot: A Brazilian student caught in a nightclub inferno that killed 231 people posted her final message to Facebook.

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