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Slideshow: Rough and tumble

Fingers, toes, ears …When physical altercations leave permanent physical damage.

Video: Florida judge allegedly punches lawyer inside the courthouse

Some call it unprofessional, those in the court room cheered. Others may find it funny simply because it happened in Florida. A judge has been officially put on leave of absence, and has agreed to take anger management counseling, after allegedly punching out a public defender in the hallway of the Viera courthouse Monday.

Six women brawl in Wisconsin supermarket just in time for the holidays

It seems that police got a call about a melee, from an innocent bystander reporting that six women were engaging in a food fight and fisticuffs in a local Madison, Wisconsin, supermarket. The caller was nearly hit in the head with a container of yogurt. The women also reportedly used pepper spray, bacon and launched a frozen turkey during the fray.

All of these crimes were committed in church

Brawling, stabbing and of course robbing — all at church. Apparently nothing is sacred anymore.

Slideshow: Wedding brawlers

The season of weddings is upon us once again. A look at some nuptial celebrations that didn’t end with a kiss, but with violence and arrest.

Mayhem at Florida Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party

A child’s birthday party held on March 16, 2013, at a Chuck E. Cheese in Boynton Beach, Florida, turned violent leading to an 18-man brawl, a trampled granny and three drug arrests, one arrestee being the birthday boy’s mother.

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