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Slideshow: Keeping the body

While most killers are eager to get rid of their victim’s body, there are some who prefer to hold on to it , to let it ferment.

Is This a Dead Body in a Pickup Truck on Google Street View?

From our friends at The Daily Dot: There are probably all kinds of reasons for why what appears to be a headless woman with her feet turned at bizarre opposite angles seems to be lying in the back of a Ford truck that Reddit spotted on Google Street View this weekend. Probably.

Key Unlocks More Mysteries About Corpse in Suitcase

Two Parisian women have been arrested and charged with the murder of a man whose body was found stuffed inside a suitcase that was floating in the sea off of the coast of Lorient, France.

Happy Ending? Man Dies During Lap Dance

In a bizarre, though not totally unsurprising, turn of events, an El Paso man, 67, died in a strip club during a series of lap dances.

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