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Slideshow: Rough and tumble

Fingers, toes, ears …When physical altercations leave permanent physical damage.

Sneakers with dismembered feet inside keep turning up in Seattle

A decomposing process means sneakers with feet in them often end up washing ashore in the Pacific Northwest.

Two Siberian men tie at arm wrestling, cut off own ears

Two men in Kuzbass, Siberia, were celebrating Orthodox Christmas on January 7, 2014, when they came up with an unorthodox idea for a party game. They agreed to an arm wrestling match in which the loser was to cut off his own ear, and yes, alcohol was involved.

Man Accused of Blowing Up Family Dog Won’t Face Cruelty Charges

It turns out that in Washington State strapping explosives to your dog and detonating them does not constitute animal cruelty, that is if you manage to blow the poor creature to smithereens instantly, like Christopher W. Dillingham, 45, of Stevenson reportedly did.

Man Found with Human Body Parts, Private Parts, Arrested

In an odd story out of the African country of Malawi, police in Mzimba arrested Moses Malengenya, 32, from the village of Kafoteka on June 30, 2013, after he was found in possession of human male genitalia — not his own.

Former Mortician who Stripped Bodies for Parts Hired by Cemetery

Former New Jersey funeral director Steven Finley, convicted of desecrating corpses to sell the parts on the medical transplant market and barred from ever being a mortician again, was discovered working at a cemetery to the shock of the community and the families of his victims.

‘Punk Rock’ Man who Ate Own Septic Finger Won’t Face Charges

David Playpenz was in a motorcycle accident. He showed his hurt hand to doctors a few days later when one of his fingers turned black. Doctors amputated the digit which Playpenz asked to take home. Sure! Said the doctors, who had no idea what he planned next.

Man Kills Son to Sell Body Parts

Police in Mozambique confirmed on June 25, 2012, that they had arrested an unidentified man from Manhica, for killing, decapitating, and castrating his own son to sell the body parts to a human-organ trafficker for 500,000 meticais (about US$18,000).

Head Found in Montreal Park Belongs to Magnotta Victim

Acting on a tip last Sunday, police found a human head in Montreal’s Angrignon Park, just a few miles from Luka Magnotta’s apartment. Speculation ran rampant that the head was the final piece of Jun Lin, the Chinese student Magnotta viciously hacked to death in late May. On Wednesday, investigators confirmed that forensic testing proved the head was Lin’s.

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