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Update: More body parts found along Nisqually River

The search for more human remains continues on the Nisqually Reservation in Washington State after a dog brought a severed human leg back home to his 93-year-old master on November 5, 2013.

Police: Body Parts Found in Detroit Sewer Belong to Two Different Women

The DNA results are in and indicate that the two sets of cubed human remains found in sewers in Warren and Sterling Heights, Michigan, do not belong to the same person.

Police in Rio Perplexed by Giftwrapped Skulls Found

Police in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, are scratching their heads about a series of giftwrapped skulls that have been left all over town.

Police Consider Possibility of Serial Killer in Detroit

Authorities in Detroit announced on December 20, 2012, that they are considering the possibility of a serial killer in their area, after more cubes of human flesh were found in a local sewer.

Update: Tonopah Body Parts Identified

Police in Maricopa County have identified the remains found in the canal last week. They no longer suspect foul play.

Body Parts Found on California Walking Trail & Virginia Railway Tracks

More body parts found last week, this time in Los Angeles on a Pacific Palisades trailhead, and also dumped in a bag on the train tracks in Manassas, Va.

More Body Parts Found in Case of Missing Niagara Falls Mother

On August 29, 2012, a tourist aboard a Maid of the Mist tour boat spotted a decapitated, armless, legless torso in the water near the base of Niagara Falls that turned out to belong to mother of three Loretta Jo Gates, 30, of New York. Now police have more body parts, but few answers in this perplexing murder.

Police: Former Medical Examiner Kept Brains, Lungs in Storage Unit

A former medical examiner, who was fired from the District 1 Medical Examiner’s Office in Pensacola in 2003, has been arrested after over 100 containers holding crudely preserved human organs were allegedly found in his storage unit last month. The grisly discovery took place after Dr. Michael Berkland, 57, defaulted on payments on the unit he’d rented for three years.

Police Investigate After Dog ‘Lucky’ Brings Home Human Foot

San Bernardino County Sheriffs are investigating after a Newberry Springs, Calif., woman’s dog, ‘Lucky,’ came home with a human foot and attached leg bone.

Unidentified Victim’s Torso Found at Niagara Falls

Canadian police are asking the public for help identifying a dismembered murder victims whose torso was found at Niagara Falls.

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