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Mysterious mummified woman identified, questions remain

Investigators finally know her name, but they still don’t know when, how she died. The circumstances surrounding her death are so strange, that it’s hard to believe the case is not being investigated more aggressively as a possible homicide.

Owner’s mummified body found in foreclosed Detroit-area home

It seems that the nice German lady who lived on Savannah Drive in Pontiac, Michigan, stopped paying her mortgage about three to six years ago. Weirdly, it’s been years since anybody’s even seen her — until yesterday. A contractor who came to do some work on the foreclosed home, found her mummified remains in the garage.

Body of suicide victim hung for eight years in his apartment

The body of a suicidal OCD sufferer was found hanging in his pristine apartment eight years later, and in perfect condition too.

Key Unlocks Secret of Corpse Found in Suitcase

The alert in July 2011 by VHF radio couldn’t have been stranger: the skipper of a sailing yacht said he found a suitcase with human body parts hanging out of it, floating in the sea off of the coast of Lorient, France. Half-submerged, half-open, there was no doubt in the skipper’s mind that the suitcase contained a dead body.

Accused Killer Posted on Yelp About Victim’s Disappearance

Friends of 36-year-old Army veteran Maribel Ramos thought it was unlike her to simply vanish. One friend started a thread on Yelp, where Maribel’s roommate, who would later be arrested for her murder, posted remarks hoping for her safe return.

Golden Pig May Hold Clues to Possible Serial Killer Victim’s Identity

A woman walking the dog in the waterfront village of Lattingtown on Long Island’s north shore stumbled upon a bag filled with the skeletal remains of a human body. Found in the bag alongside the bones and clothing was a 24 karat gold pendant in the shape of a pig. Police believe the golden pig may hold important clues to the victim’s identity.

Body of Missing UC Davis Student Linnea Lomax Found

The search for Linnea Lomax ended tragically last Friday when voluteers conducting a search found her remains in a heavily wooded area.

Missing American’s Body a DNA Match in Latvia

DNA tests indicate that a body found in Latvia is that of Leonid Rozhetskin, a Russian-born American citizen who vanished in 2008 at the age of 41. While official confirmation of Rozhetskin’s identify is pending, the discovery could cast aside any doubts about whether Rozhetskin, a Harvard Law School graduate and self-made multimillionaire, was dead or not.

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