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Firefighters blame building fire on bird with cigarette

It’s bad enough when you have careless kids smoking on rooftops and tossing lit cigarette butts hither and yon, but firefighters now apparently have to worry about careless birds doing basically the same thing.

Drunk driver’s pet parrot narks on him to cops

People teach their birds to say the darnedest things. Thanks to a man in Mexico, we now know that teaching your bird phrases like He’s drunk, He’s high or He’s packin’ might get you the unwanted attention of law enforcement, the media and even the occasional snarky blogger.

Turkey: Israeli Bird Cleared of Spying Allegations and Released

Authorities in Turkey have officially cleared a bird that they had detained amidst allegations that the little guy was spying for Israel. Strangely, this is not the first time they have examined a bird that they suspected of spying for the Israelis. As far as is known, no bats or large flying insects have yet been detained as spies.

Turkish Authorities Analyze Body of What They Believe to Be an Israeli Spy Bird with Nostril Cam

Authorities in Turkey are examining the remains of a bird, specifically a European Bee-Eater, or Merops Apiaster, that was found dead by a farmer in Gaziantep, Turkey, and was reported. The tiny remains were turned over to authorities after the farmer indicted the band on the bird’s leg that was etched with a serial number and the word “Israel.”

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