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20 high-profile tricks and hoaxes pulled off for money, for attention and some just for fun.

Bigfoot hunter shares Bigfoot photo, promises big reveal

It’s to the point with Bigfoot these days, that you’d pretty much have to collar him and have him interviewed on a series of talk shows before the public would even begin to believe that he really exists. It’s probably in recognition of this situation that one Bigfoot hunter is upping his game.

Saunders County Sheriff Probes Possible Bigfoot Sighting

A Nebraska teen, 15, reported seeing a 7-foot tall, “hairy,” bipedal creature along a country road that runs parallel to the Platte River in Saunders County, Nebraska, which is about 60 miles west of Omaha. The local Sheriff, who does not think the alleged sighting is a hoax, retrieved a hair sample from the scene, which has been sent for testing.

Victim: Bigfoot Attacked My Winnebago

State police remain circumspect, not saying that they are looking for Bigfoot, but describing the assailant as “very large, brown in color, and walks somewhat hunched over.”

Man Killed in Bigfoot Prank Gone Awry

Police think alcohol may have been a factor in the death of a would-be prankster, who donned his ghillie suit on the highway one night hoping to be mistaken for the legendary hidden-creature Bigfoot, and was struck by passing motorists.

Scientists Want to Prove Existence of Bigfoot, Ask for Hair Sample

Hair samples are being sought for a study to prove the existence of the legendary creature called Bigfoot, also known as a the Sasquatch, or the Yeti. According to the London A.P., Oxford University and Lausanne Museum of Zoology researchers reached out this week to museums, scientists and Sasquatch aficionados, asking for a hair sample [...]

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