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Florida man shtups dog on front lawn while neighbors beg him to stop

Meet Bernard Marsonek, 57, of Tampa, Florida, who allegedly decided to start his Wednesday morning by having sex with his dog in the front yard. According to his shocked and disgusted neighbors, Marsonek dropped trou, and went at it in his front yard with a large pit bull. They reportedly begged him to stop, but he wasn’t listening.

Today in Crime History: Robert Garrow is born

Robert Garrow was born on March 4, 1936. Abused as a child, he grew up raping the family’s livestock and masturbating with the milking machine. He served time in prison, first for theft, then rape. After his release he was accused of sexually assaulting two little girls, and when he failed to appear in court, this budding serial killer became a fugitive from justice.

Update: Most outrageous bestiality cases

The scary part is, these are just the weird ones.

Weirdest Bestiality Cases of 2012: The Casual Observer’s Guide

From making a baby with a horse, to Germany’s erotic zoos, to things you never say in a job interview with law enforcement, these are the top seven bestiality arrests of 2012.

This Week’s Bestiality Roundup: Dog Porn

Most recently police investigating claims that Chandler, Arizona, man Christopher Jackson, 47, branded his initials “CJ” into his passed-out girlfriend’s vaginal area with a brand and a butane torch, found something really stomach turning in his possession.

Self-Described ‘Furry’ Arrested for Cat Sex

Idaho man Ryan Tannenholz, a self-described “furry,” has been arrested on charges that he sexually penetrated a cat on several occasions between January 2012 and January 2013. Thankfully details released in the case are scant.

Woman: ‘I Had Sex With my Cat and Everyone Knows’

In an assault case that still has cops in Oklahoma City scratching their heads, a young woman was arrested for threatening her male 72-year-old neighbor, who she said told everyone that she had had sex with her cat. He had no idea what she was talking about, and police do not seem to have interviewed the cat.

Shaun Keith Orris: Goat Sex a Constitutional Right

Shaun Keith Orris of Waukesha, 41, Wisconsin, had knocked back about six beers and a few shots at a local bar when he decided to stand up for a constitutional right to do the dance of love with goats, supporting the old adage "whiskey don’t make liars, it just makes fools."

Fetishes Unhinged: Obscene Phone Calls, Peacocks and Poop

Today we proudly present our first edition of Fetishes Unhinged, which we warn, given the nature of crime, may become a regular feature. Meet David Beckmann and Thomas Mettham, peacock and poop fetishists respectively.

Zoophile: ‘I Was Trying To Make The Horse Have a Baby’

Maybe no one explained to Andrew Mendoza of Wharton County Texas, that some things are better left unsaid, but Mendoza, who was accused of sexing up the neighbor’s horse, wanted to explain himself and so waived his right to remain silent. Having read the report, this writer really wishes he hadn’t.

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