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Andras Pandy, ‘Devil’s Pastor’ of Belgium dies at 86

Andras Pandy, aka the Devil’s Pastor, died in prison on December 23, 2013. A Hungarian-born former preacher, Pandy was serving a life sentence in Bruges, Belgium for rape, incest and multiple murders.

Video: Belgian woman slept with dead husband for a year

A landlord who was evicting an elderly couple in Liege, Belgium, got the shock of his life when he found that the husband, named only as Marcel H., 79, had died, and his wife just wrapped him up in a blanket and kept him there.

Belgian Authorities Lure Pirates to Bruxelles with Promise of Fame

Right now there’s an alleged Somali pirate kicking himself in a cell in Bruges. Sneeky Belgian undercover agents tricked an internationally wanted pirate boss and his right-hand man into flying to Belgium to be the subjects of a documentary about the pirate’s careers on the high seas.

Today in Crime History: Child Killer Marc Dutroux Found Guilty

On June 17, 2004, a panel of jurors in Belgium returned a verdict in the trial of child killer Marc Dutroux, convicting him of six rapes and three murders.

Belgian Man Seeks Annulment After Discovering That His Wife was a Man

A Belgian man, who divorced his then-wife and in 1993 married the family’s Indonesian aux pair, is trying to have the marriage annulled after discovering that his wife is a transsexual.

Survivor Protests Release of Serial Killer’s Ex-Wife & Accomplice

In mid-90′s Belgium, six young girls were raped and tortured by a wealthy antisocial man named Marc Dutroux. He kept them in the basement of one of his seven homes; his wife, Michelle Martin was aware of her husband’s activities. Now, a Belgian court has ruled that Martin, 52, could be let out of prison to live in a convent in the village of Malonne.

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