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Man killed sister, pickled her head

Like a scary scene taken from the Silence of the Lambs, police searching a public toilet for the body of a woman missing since December 2012, found her pickled head in a bag instead. An attached note asked for the head to receive “proper burial.” The local media dubbed it the “pickled head case.”

Alleged Decapitation Killer Caught in Australia

Edward “Ned” Kelly lived in the small Australian town of Broadwater in New South Wales. Kelly was something of a hermit — an artist who loved birds. So neighbors were shocked and alarmed when Kelly’s decapitated body was discovered inside his home — a hat covering the stump where his head had been.

Man Beheads Daughter for ‘Indecent Behavior’

A Dengar Ka Guda man from India’s the northern province of Rajasthan took police by surprise on June 12, 2012, when he entered the station carrying his daughter’s severed head, which he had paraded through the streets.

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