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‘Therapy’ bear cub bites 14 students, sparks rabies scare

This year’s destressing plan for Washington University students at exam time backfired when Boo Boo, an adorable two-month-old bear cub, nipped 14 students and prompting a rabies scare that, sadly, will require Boo Boo’s euthanization for rabies testing.

VIDEO: What to do in case of animal attack

An informative video posted in time for the warm weather, known to draw many humans to the great outdoors and many animals to human habitations, as in the recent case of a Florida woman, who was attacked by hungry bears in her own garage. When dealing with angry or possibly rabid animals, rest assured: None of this advice may actually work.

Russian shepherd, 80, survives fight with bear, gets tossed off cliff

Do bears play with their food? Unknown, but Russian bear experts are saying the the scrappy shepherd who says he survived a bear attack last week, was merely the object of a wild bear’s attempts at play.

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