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Born to run: Inside the mind of the barefoot burglar

An in-depth look at Colton Harris-Moore’s troubled childhood and the motivations behind his outrageous crime spree.

Colton Harris-Moore: Teenage outlaw

In a brazen crime spree worthy of Hollywood, teenager Colton Harris-Moore robbed over 100 homes and stole a boat, two cars, and most famously, an airplane. He was sentenced for his crimes on January 27 of last year.

Today in Crime History: Colton Harris-Moore’s career as an outlaw begins

On April 29, 2008, Barefoot Bandit Harris-Moore, escaped the halfway house where he was finishing a sentence for burglary and went on the run. He eluded police for years a suspect in nearly 100 crimes including stealing boats, cars and planes in 17 different jurisdictions.

Slideshow: Trail of the Barefoot Burglar

On April 29, 2008, Colton Harris-Moore ran away from the halfway house where he was finishing a sentence for burglary and went on the run, eluding police for years. By the time they caught him, he was suspected in nearly 100 crimes in 17 jurisdictions including car, plane and boat theft.

‘Barefoot Burglar’ Pleads Guilty to Another Charge, Sentenced to Time Served

Colton Harris-Moore, the young man currently serving seven years for a spectacular two-year crime spree has pleaded guilty to another charge but won’t get any time added to his sentence.

Colton Harris-Moore Shot Video of Crime Spree

Seven videos, in all about 45 minutes of footage, have been obtained by Seattle’s KOMO News showing Barefoot Bandit Harris-Moore flying stolen aircraft and cars in an attempt to document his exploits.

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