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Slideshow: Robber girls caught on camera

From LA’s "Starlet Bandit," to Virginia’s "Cell Phone Bandit," to Georgia’s "Barbie Bandits," a collection of the boldest female robbers ever caught on camera.

Florida bank robber mistakenly leaves his name with teller

In seems that Felipe Cruz, 39, was looking for a job on April 10, 2014. We don’t know what happened to derail him, but he allegedly wound up trying to rob a bank in Pompano Beach, Florida, with a note containing his all personal information.

Video: Teller laughs at distracted robber who brought meat cleaver to bank

In the past we have brought you stories of people falling off cliffs, and walking into canals while talking on their cell phones, but today we present a young man who set out to rob a bank, announced his intention to the teller, but became so absorbed in a call that he was easily disarmed.

Video: Bank robber forgets to bring bag, drops cash, things go south from there

Apparently there are some days you just can’t rob a bank. The robber in this surveillance video forgot his bag, and perhaps even his gun, dropped the loot all over the floor, and made it out of the bank in time to slip on the ice.It only got worse from there.

Bank robber leaves ID with teller

This bank robber might want to think about pursuing another line of work.

Bank robber Googled: How to rob a bank

There must be all kinds of ways to plan, execute and get away with a bank robbery. Perhaps, not using your computer to perform incriminating Internet searches on the subject should be considered an important part of any successful bank robbing scheme.

Manhunt Underway in Florida for Armed Robber in Fuzzy Pink Drag

Police in Florida are searching for a man who robbed a bank at gunpoint sporting a lacy pink sweater, fuzzy pink slippers, a big handbag in a large color-coordinated flower pattern — and a beard and mustache of all things.

FBI: Help Locate Bank Robbery Suspect for ‘Some Quick Christmas Cash’

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward or as their press release states, “some quick Christmas cash or a windfall in the New Year to anyone who can help locate” fugitive Victor Dwayne Johnson, who is charged with one count of bank robbery and is wanted in Texas for questioning in other bank jobs.”

Austrian Court Gives Stolen Money Back to Robber

So, it turns out, crime really does pay.

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