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Mark Berndt, a teacher playing sex games with kids

A Los Angeles elementary school teacher accused of playing weird sex games with unsuspecting kids might have gone undiscovered if it weren’t for an old-fashioned habit: In an age when many people shoot digital photos print them out themselves or just leave them on the computer, Mark Berndt took his photos to be developed.

Today in Crime History: Mary Kay Letourneau heads back to prison for contacting young student lover

It was on this day in 1998 that Mary Kay Letourneau was sent back to prison for contacting her teenage lover and father of her daughter, Vili Fualaau. She had just served a six month sentence for the relationship — which began when Fualaau was 12 and she was 34 — but she couldn’t stay away from Fualaau. The two planned to run away together but were caught.

Students catch teacher watching porn in class

In a disturbing reversal of roles, some school kids in Germany seem to have caught their teacher playing on his laptop during class. Specifically, they said he was playing pornographic movies at the time.

Tonya Flink, HS Computer Teacher, Had Sex With Students

A Texas teacher is in trouble after having sex with four of her students — and marrying one of them.

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